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 "I Empower Leaders  by   Embracing the Ethical Potential 
of Emerging Technology" 

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Whether you are overwhelmed by tech, afraid of it or consider it a solution to all problems humanity faces, the best way to make ethical decisions and a lasting impact is by enabling yourself to take back control. With my background in technology strategy and research, fueled by my passion for people it is my mission to enable you to feel empowered instead of lost while demystifying technology. Get ready to use your own brain and navigate your organization consciously towards a humane future.

I'm Maxime, a humane technologist and speaker. I believe we have a shared responsibility to make ethical decisions when implementing emerging technology. Based on my experience I know and understand that leaders and decision makers struggle with understanding and implementing emerging tech. The pace at which technologies evolve is hard to keep up with. Therefore, the best way to embrace its ethical potential is by building your own moral compass.

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My mission 

Why book me?

I provide inspiring stories and interventions to your company or event. With a natural energy and presence, I create a collaborative learning environment where everyone can explore new ideas and gain practical insights they can directly apply. Curious? Reach out!

Alfred Blondin, Strategic HR Business Partner, Nutrition International

"It was a great roundtable on Ethical AI & Leadership and I wish we had more time! For me, it was the most insightful part of the conference."

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Let's build a humane future together

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Inspiration workshop(s)

FOMO 2.0 framework

Empower yourself to navigate the complexities of emerging technology responsibly today. 

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Fred. Roeskestraat 115, 1076 EE Amsterdam


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